Montana Buffalo Bags Discusses New Realities for Online Retailers in 2020

More and more consumers are turning online to buy everything from household needs to gifts. In fact, more than two billion people around the world are expected to make purchases electronically this year. 

The pandemic has been bad news for the economy at large but has actually been good for online retailers — it has sharply increased the number of people shopping from home, which is a positive if you’re an online goods retailer like Montana Buffalo Bags, with offices located in Montana, USA.

While ecommerce businesses are in a good position to grow their sales, there are some trends and even challenges to expect that will impact their success this year. Here are some of the realities for the online retailer heading into the fall of 2020.

'Seeing' How Products Fit Before Buying

Being a successful online retailer like Montana Buffalo Bags has always meant presenting high quality photos of your offerings so people can get an idea of what they’re buying. However, many ecommerce retailers have taken this to the next level with augmented reality, which lets a person “see” how a product would look in their home before checking out. 

This is particularly useful for online sellers that are offering larger household items such as furniture. Using specialized apps, a person can hold their mobile device and “place” their new couch in the room, even turning it to get an idea of how it might fit in. This technology could also be extended to clothing offered by leading ecommerce sites including Montana Buffalo Bags, allowing people to see how certain apparel would fit them in advance.

Artificial Intelligence to Create Personalized Experiences

There is a huge amount of data available to online retailers that will get you ahead of the competition — if you take advantage of it. Using data analytics and artificial intelligence, an ecommerce business can learn about the buying habits and preferences of a shopper and put the products in front of them they’re most likely to buy. It’s all about making the experience personalized. 

Using AI will help you improve your online marketing, as you’ll be better able to tailor offers specific to each customer. Many online companies are also using AI-based chatbots as a way to answer questions and concerns from potential customers around the clock.

Montana Buffalo Bags on Adapting to New Payment Methods

Consumers have long been able to pay for goods from online retailers using their credit cards. However, not everyone has a credit card or chooses to use it for their ecommerce shopping. 

To stay competitive in 2020 and beyond, online retailers not only need to have innovative and quality products, but also multiple ways to pay. That might include PayPal as an option, but there are many other popular alternatives such as Apple Pay and Stripe. The idea is to make the payment process as secure and simple as possible (possibly by remembering key details such as shipping address), while also providing the customer an easy way to track their purchases.

Staying on Top of eCommerce Trends

Online shopping companies such as Montana Buffalo Bags are staying on top of the newest ecommerce trends. This year will also see more focus on effective online marketing to reach customers, including the use of video that has been shown to engage potential shoppers. 

People are increasingly demanding easy navigation, personalized experiences, and of course, competitive prices and reliable shipping, which should all be part of your sales strategy moving forward.