Marketing Outside the Box: Montana Buffalo Bags Shares Unique Advertising Concepts for Online Retailers

Ecommerce retailers including Montana Buffalo Bags with offices in Montana, USA, know that reaching customers in the digital world requires a much different approach than brick and mortar sales. However, they also know that the digital realm presents some unique opportunities for online marketing. 

While you can try pay-per-click (PPC) or social media campaigns, which can both be effective, there are some other advertising techniques to consider that can help you get a jump on competition. Here are some you can try without significantly increasing your advertising budget.

Use Online Video Wisely

Buying a 30-second television spot is very expensive (into the millions depending on the slot), but adding video to your ecommerce website or social media doesn’t have to be nearly that much — just the cost of production, which could be worth it as video has been shown to boost ecommerce conversion rates

The purpose of adding video to your site is to help consumers visualize how a product would work (a “how to” type clip) — whether that’s demonstrating fitness equipment. It could also show off your product, for example how a jacket looks on a person (if you have the budget, you could consider using “influencer” marketing to show off apparel.) In any case, the video isn’t just for the sake of video — it has to add value and relevance.

Create Contests as Mailing List Incentives

Mailing lists are an important tool to help you maintain contacts and send out offers periodically, note experts from Montana Buffalo Bags. However, getting people to sign up to your mailing list is not always the easiest proposition. 

One of the ways to provide an incentive for visitors to your ecommerce website to opt into your mailing list is by creating a sweepstakes contest (based on random choice rather than competition.) Choose a product that you know people will want and speaks to your online shopping brand. It doesn’t have to be your most expensive item — you can use data analytics to see which products people view the most. 

Remind People of Items They've Considered Buying

When someone visits your ecommerce website, they may have put some items into their digital shopping carts but not completed the transaction. There could be a few reasons for this, such as getting distracted and clicking away from the site, say experts from Montana Buffalo Bags. However, it could be that they’re just not ready to close the deal due to shipping costs, for example. Or they don’t want to have to create an entire user profile to buy something. 

However, you can counteract this “shopping cart abandonment” by sending them a targeted email (if they’re provided one) that reminds them they have items in their cart and outlines the benefits of the products to help sway them. You can also try offering a small discount after the first email to really crank up the incentive.

Meanwhile, “remarketing” campaigns allow you to target previous site visitors with targeted ads on social media or search pages. It can highlight the products they’ve already viewed, offering up some kind of incentive to bring them back.

Montana Buffalo Bags on Suggesting Add-Ons

Whether you’re an online retailer like Montana Buffalo Bags selling fashionable apparel, or something else, there’s an opportunity to advertise complementary products at check out. To further entice someone to add these other items to their cart (for example, a wallet or gloves), you can make them more exclusive — that is, the customer can’t buy these add-ons on their own (or they’re much more expensive if they do.)

Keep these suggestions in mind to make your advertising more effective and potentially convert more online shopping browsers into buyers.