Montana Buffalo Bags Founder Matt Lam on Building a Trusted Brand and Motivating Employees

There are many ways you can be creative. My company has been able to create duffle bag designs that have set us apart from other brands. We also come up with creative marketing ideas and express ourselves through branding. It’s also a growing industry.

Montana Buffalo Bags Shares Top Publications for Online Retailers Looking to Expand in 2020

It’s a good time to be an online retailer. The recent trends have more people turning to purchasing goods electronically — there was more than a 125-percent jump in traffic from March to June of this year — which puts ecommerce businesses in a unique position to grow. 

Montana Buffalo Bags Discusses New Realities for Online Retailers in 2020

More and more consumers are turning online to buy everything from household needs to gifts. In fact, more than two billion people around the world are expected to make purchases electronically this year.

Marketing Outside the Box: Montana Buffalo Bags Shares Unique Advertising Concepts for Online Retailers

Ecommerce retailers including Montana Buffalo Bags with offices in Montana, USA, know that reaching customers in the digital world requires a much different approach than brick and mortar sales. However, they also know that the digital realm presents some unique opportunities for online marketing.